I find the Attic 24 blog very colourful, cheery, full of homely photos and crochet ideas. I’ve seen Lucy’s blog featured in magazines as she writes very clear instructions for all her projects, making crochet simple for everyone to try. Her Neat Ripple Pattern here was the inspiration for my own crochet blanket below.

I chose pastel colours rather than Lucy’s bold colour choice, but I still think the blanket looks lovely. I used cotton yarn but I think, if I were to make another, I would choose wool as it would be much warmer. There’s nothing quite like choosing yarn colours, getting out your crochet hook and making something useful and pretty!

I was taught to crochet when I was young by my Great Aunt Hilda and as I am left-handed it was a big challenge for her. In the end I had to learn the right-handed way as she couldn’t work out how to teach me with the hook in my left hand!