I consider it my Lucky Day when I come across an off-cut of fabric I know I can make good use of! I recently found a large piece of canvas with applique sailing boats – I think it had been used as part of a shop window display – and knew immediately what I could make from it.

Costing £7 it was more than I would usually pay for scrap fabric BUT  I knew it could be turned into 7 cushion covers. £1.00 per boat plus pieces of calico I already had in my stash? Bargain!

The large canvas piece was joined across its width so I used decorative stitches to make waves and applique clouds to disguise the join. The covers are all envelope-style and each has a fish applique on the back, also cut from the bargain buy.

I’m very happy with the results, especially as sewing in not my forte. Now it’s a question of where to put them as they don’t fit in with the Lounge colour scheme. I think a bedroom re-decoration might be called for.

So the bargain £7 spend becomes…… well……. a whole lot more!