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“Behind every sewer is huge pile of fabric”

Quilting seems to have been an American craft until recently when the UK caught the bug and a revival occurred in this country. As my interest in quilting only started last year, I’ve had to learn from scratch and it’s been great fun. Searching the web for information, I found what is one of my favourite websites, The Missouri Star Quilt Company. Also, there are hundreds of tutorials on You Tube to help beginners.

So, having made two basic cot quilts, my third attempt at quilting was to make a larger quilt and to move on from a ‘safe’ pattern using 5 inch square blocks. The Disappearing Nine Patch pattern caught my eye on a Missouri Star tutorial.

Next, (and the part that I possibly love the most, along with many, many sewers) came trying to source the fabrics to make the quilt. I am a huge fan of Moda quilting fabrics and French General’s Panier de Fleurs was the one I chose to use.



Isn’t that fabric gorgeous?!

I’ve only just completed this quilt and (apparently) I should be putting labels onto the three I’ve now finished to tell future generations when each was made, by whom etc. etc.

How does everyone else tackle this? Do you get labels printed, make your own or write on the back of your quilts with indelible pen? I’d be very interested to know.