There are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer.  ~Ansel Adams

A few people seem to be actually reading my humble blog, so I thought I would take a detour from craft and let you know a little about where I live, if you’re interested. If not, just  pass on by, I won’t mind.

I live in a small town in the south of England which lies on the International Meridian Line. There is a monument marking where this imaginary line (zero degrees longitude) passes through the town of Peacehaven and out into the sea.  

Peacehaven, East SussexThere’s a small port nearby, called Newhaven, (someone liked the word ‘haven’ when naming places here!) from where ferries sail across the English Channel to Dieppe in France. Further along the coast there is the more well-known port of Dover and Peacehaven is built on top of the same famous white cliffs which mark this part of England’s coastline. 

The town itself was built after the First World War as a place for returning veterans to have somewhere to live. There was no drainage or sewage system, no roads, and people bought a plot of land on which to build their own house. It’s a very windy spot, and without heating, shops or a piped water supply, many people gave up and left.

There’s still not much here today, just one road in and out of the town, a few shops, junior schools and a secondary school. But I love it! Living by the sea was always my dream, and I now count myself lucky to have the sea (almost) on my doorstep!