With yarn left over from my last project crying out to be used, and the one Tunisian crochet hook I possess (size 3.5) lying idle, I feel the need to be making something – something useful if at all possible. Cue: a drawstring bag. Well, it will be when I’ve finished it. Hopefully.

I’m making the pattern up which is fun but not always the best idea. Anyway, Tunisian crochet produces a very thick ‘fabric’, especially when you’re using DK yarn and a very small crochet hook! And that’s where the doubt creeps in.

A drawstring bag, by it’s very nature, needs to be able to gather at the top as it’s pulled closed and I’m not entirely sure that mine will oblige! I intend to crochet a long rectangle that I can fold in half, sew up both sides and thread pull-strings through at the top edge. That’s the plan, but it might completely fail. After all, I am making it up as I go along!