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Remember my Tunisian Crochet experiment? Well, I’m almost done.

I crocheted a rectangular piece of fabric, reversing the order of the colours halfway so that they match when folded in half to form the bag.


I should have sewn the top edge down upon itself on the inside of the bag as Tunisian crochet has a tendency to curl, but I wanted to make a feature of the curled edge and sewed it down on the outside. I think it looks better this way.


Today I knitted the cord using two double-ended needles and three stitches, and threaded that through as you can see. So now I’m almost done, but I think it just needs something more.

I could crochet a couple of flowers. Or sew on some buttons. Yes. Buttons. I have a few to choose from. OK – I have loads to choose from! (I’m pretty sure you do too)


They could possibly be sewn on the ends of the cord, or maybe on the bag itself? I’ll have a play around and finish the bag tomorrow.