My posts are like buses – you wait ages for one and then two come along at once!

Anyway, today I started another project, knitting this time. So I now have three projects I’m working on: a quilt, a crochet blanket and a knitted blanket. Three is a nice number don’t you think?


I take a while to catch up with the Crafting World it seems as everyone else knows about log cabin blankets and there are lots of videos on You Tube demonstrating how they’re made. I’ve been wanting to make one for a while so today I fetched out my yarn stash and chose the colours I wanted  to use (above). Only a couple of colours are leftovers from previous things, the rest are new balls.

I made notes on how the colours would be placed and started knitting, only to discover that the Lipstick Red clashes with every other colour and stands out like a sore thumb! So……..


..colour choice number 2 minus that red!


Here’s the first square started, and with the red undone, I hope it will all work out in the end. Could be a while though with three projects to complete!