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Well I haven’t done very much to my three projects on the go! Nothing has been done to the Serendipity Quilt and only a few rows have been added to the crochet ripple blanket. The most attention has been paid to my log cabin blanket. Perhaps that’s because it’s a project I can pick up and put down easily? Perhaps it’s because it’s the most portable of the three? Or that it’s the newest? I don’t know. But I’ve changed a few things…..

…… the first plan for the blanket has altered, of course! Nine square blocks has become sixteen (4×4), and one colourway has become four.

Each block starts with a coloured square. All the other colours are used up in the log cabin pattern and the first colour is repeated for the final rows. This forms one colourway.

The photo below shows three colourways so far : brown, green and pink in the central square. I think the final one will be light blue.

It’s progressing nicely and I hope it won’t take too long to complete but I’m debating whether to finish the whole blanket with a border around. What do you think? Crocheted or knitted? Or none at all?

Hopefully, it will be easier to decide when I finally get all the squares knitted, blocked and sewn together. It’s a shame I’m back to work tomorrow and crafting inevitably suffers.