‘A crocheted piece is the lovely manifestation of a thought, expressed through hand, heart, hook and yarn’ Francine Toukou

It seems like I’ve been making this ripple blanket for months. I probably have been. But Life, in the guise of house-painting, got in the way. After eighteen years in our home, and with the children moved out, it was time for us to redecorate with lighter colours – and that’s an excuse for new furnishings too – right?

That’s my excuse for taking so long with this project but I’m on the final stretch now with only fourteen more rows to go.


Unfortunately, I also have all the yarn ends to sew in. Not my favourite part of any project – and there are sooo many with this one!


I still have plenty of wool left so I’m debating whether to edge the whole blanket. Has anyone crocheted a decorative edge around all four sides of a ripple blanket? I would love to know how you overcame the challenge of the rippled edges and still managed to make a pretty border. I have to get crocheting again as the blanket needs to be finished by Christmas. (Sorry I wrote the ‘C’ word and it’s still only October)