Creativity is a drug I cannot live without. – Cecil B. DeMille

The ripple crochet blanket is finished.

Now I feel that my hands are empty of an evening. I am happy when I  have something to knit or crochet, otherwise I feel that I am wasting the time away. Addicted? Possibly.

I was in bed all day on Saturday with a temperature and sore throat and by Sunday afternoon I definitely needed a distraction! So I found the leftover yarn from the blanket and a crochet hook and set about making flowers. I had a vague idea that the flowers could decorate the ripple blanket. Now I think they would make a pretty garland when I have enough. What do you think?


The pattern I used is by the very talented Lucy, over here at Attic24.

I’m hoping that each flower will be different, no two the same, as I have 10 colours of yarn to play with. And once again I’m enjoying the simple pleasure that making something home-made brings.