‘You always pass failure on the way to success.’

Mickey Rooney

I love starting a new project. There’s the pattern to learn and follow and the end result is usually pictured so I know exactly what I am aiming for… BUT…. I also like to play.

Each project that I start seems to change as I go along: perhaps by using different colours, or a slight pattern change, but something that makes it completely unique.

Thus the ripple blanket I’ve only just started has already changed from my original idea.


Firstly, I decided to increase each colour from two rows to four. Then, after I had started my third colour and crocheted two rows, I could see that those two rows made the previous (red) colour ‘pop’.


I liked the irregular number of rows for the different colours, and with seven colours in total, I’ve decided to crochet just two rows on every third colour.

I’ll see how it goes. It could change again. After all, it’s only crochet, and I can undo it if I don’t like it.


Some things I try seem to work out well, others don’t, but it’s always fun to play!