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Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling”
― Tony DeLiso


I love layers. Layers on beds, layers of clothing, piles of quilts in a Charity Shop, even bolts of material neatly displayed in layers upon shelves.

I think it goes back to my childhood when, without any heating in the house, the windows always had ice on the inside in Winter… To when I was sent to school at 5 years old with pyjamas under my school clothes… To when my bed was layered with blankets and quilts to keep me warm at night… To when I wore a woolly hat in bed and had a hot water bottle to keep my feet warm.

I think it must be the feeling of warmth and comfort. Or perhaps it’s feeling loved and cared for?


Despite now having a warm duvet, I still like to layer covers on my bed. I have a quilt, bought before I started making them, and a flowery red throw that I sewed myself. It’s made from a fabric remnant which cost £1, backed with wadding and a plain brown synthetic silk. It’s the one simple project that got me started on quilting – how? – because I wanted to quilt around all the flowers and my old sewing machine, a thirty-year-old Toyota, just wasn’t up to the job! It’s the one piece that cost me lots of money in the end, because it persuaded me to buy a new Janome machine with a walking foot that can do quilting!


I have left it as it is despite now having my new machine. No quilting around the flowers. Just a warm layer on top of my bed.


And it makes me happy just seeing it there!