Never confuse movement with action.”
― Ernest Hemingway


I’m ashamed that I’ve left so long between posts. I have no excuse really. I’ve been very busy – just not busy crafting! But I have been plodding away slowly, very, very slowly at my crochet ripple blanket, a couple of rows whenever I can. Looking at it today, and feeling just how heavy it has become, I thought I could take some photos to prove that it is progressing.


Here it is, folded into four (above) and folded in half (below).

102_4046It takes 40 minutes or so to crochet just one row!

Don’t get me wrong, I am still enjoying crocheting this blanket. Maybe it’s a good thing it’s taking so long. I’m not in need of it just yet – it’s supposedly summer! – so I can enjoy the process for a while longer. When I do finally complete it I’m sure we will be well into Winter – and I can put it straight to use!