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So said my husband today. I was working on my latest quilt, the Butterfly Applique one, here  when he asked ‘Who is this one for?’

He knows very well that I have given away the last two quilts that I have made to my daughters.

I looked at him not knowing quite what to say as the making of a quilt holds all the pleasure for me and the giving holds all the joy. Do you feel the same way?

Before I could say anything he said in a tone that didn’t welcome any argument,  ‘This one is ours.’

I was very surprised as he hasn’t appeared to take any interest in my hobby so far. So I asked him why he thought it should remain with us. He said that he has liked all the quilts I’ve made and has been disappointed when I’ve given them away. He wants this one to stay as he really likes it.

Now that is a huge compliment, especially as there is a very long way to go before it’s finished!


Here are the three flower blocks I am working on at the moment. I’m using my sewing machine to applique the pieces onto their backgrounds.




There are lots of loose ends as the thread kept breaking. I altered the tension which didn’t make any difference, and eventually realised that I had put the reel of thread onto the spool the wrong way round! All my fault and I’ve wasted so much time this afternoon threading and rethreading the needle!

Did I really say the pleasure is in the making??