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Reading the current copy of Good Homes Magazine in my local Library last weekend, I was taken with the Vintage look and one photograph in particular caught my eye. It was a photo of a pretty lacy tablecloth on a dining table.  I just happen to have a piece of lacy material in my stash. It’s not true Vintage Lace, just a Charity Shop find, but hey, it only cost £3:00 and it looks similar. So, today, I spread it out over my kitchen table, trying to decide whether to cut it in half and sew the two strips together to make a tablecloth, as per the magazine photo.

You’ll need to use a lot of imagination to try and visualise this idea! …..


But then, I tried the material over our leather sofa…..


… no, probably not.

Finally I tried it across our bed ….. I think I would have to cut off the border along the top ….


Hmm. I’m still debating, but the lace will not be going back into the cupboard. I think it deserves to be on display somewhere. Do you have any other ideas before I cut it in two?