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The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary.

Mary Kurtz

Am I too late or too early to be sewing an Advent Calendar in May?

Who cares?! It’s a rainy Bank Holiday and I’m in the mood today to do some free-motion quilting.

This kit has been in my cupboard for over two years and is an ideal ‘quick project’ to make today

and, as I have the house to myself, there’s no hurry to get it done.


I can sew with the TV on in the background,

there’s no time limit to make me rush things and

I can take lunch when there’s a natural break in the sewing. Perfect.


Despite a couple of minor setbacks

(breaking a needle on a safety pin and running out of gold thread)

I’m pleased with my progress.

I have not been quilting very long and am still learning, but I do find free-motion very relaxing to do.

No set pattern, so no-one can see if it’s not perfect.

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All that’s left to do now is the binding. That’s not included in the kit so I will make my own.

Unfortunately that won’t be today.

015 018So this out-of-season project won’t be finished just yet.

It will have to wait until I get the house to myself again.

I just hope it’s not Christmas before it’s done!