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I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year. Charles Dickens.

Sorry to mention the ‘Christmas’ word again but I need to get my gifts made. I’ve been very lucky today and have been able to spend a whole afternoon sewing. I started to make another set of place mats, here are my first ones, and cut out four oblongs from a Christmas fat quarter line of fabric called Holiday Stitches (I wish I had bought more of this fabric so that I could make six, but at the time I hadn’t a clue what I would use it for!) and also wadding and backing fabric.


This product is something new to me. I asked at my local fabric shop for iron-on heat resistant fleece but this was all they had. Do you think it’s expensive at £5.99 for 3/4 yard? I don’t know, but as I needed it for this project, I went ahead and bought it a couple of weeks ago. I could have tried another shop in town but didn’t want to have to trudge back again if they didn’t have anything suitable. That’s me being lazy I’m afraid. It’s strange stuff, makes crunchy noises when you sew through it, but it seems to do the job.

So, I cut 4 pieces the same size as the fabric oblongs, sewed them all together and quilted around a few trees on each place mat. I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Now I have dozens of ends to sew in and hand-sewing to close the gaps where I turned each place mat through to the right side.




Each mat is different, due to how I cut the fabric, and I like that.

Once again I’m showing you an unfinished project. That’s all I seem to do here lately, but rest assured, I do finish them all ……….. eventually.