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Always have good shoes and a comfortable bed because, if you’re not in one, you’ll be in the other. Anon

I came across this saying a few weeks ago. I was in the Radiotherapy waiting room at the hospital reading their old magazines, as you do, when I saw this and thought, I must remember that as it is so true. I’m not sure yet how it will fit in with this post.

Anyway, today I’m in my ‘sewing room’ which is actually one of my daughters’ bedrooms with a fold-away table in it, upon which there is my Janome sewing machine, cutting mat and iron. It’s a very small space to craft in. I have filled my daughter’s wardrobe with fabric, a second sewing machine, wadding and threads. At the moment there is a bitter wind outside but the sun is shining through the clouds and through my window and from here I can just see the shining sea in the distance. I live in a Town House in Sussex so the house has a ground floor and two more storeys above. My sewing room’s on the top floor which is why I can see over the rooftops to the sea. The house itself is halfway up a hill in a small town, on top of the white cliffs in Sussex (along the coast from those made famous by Vera Lynn’s song ‘There’ll Be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs Of Dover’). The photographs below of where I live are from a sunny day last Summer, not today.

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So, now you ‘sort of’ know where I am, what am I supposed to be sewing instead of getting sidetracked?

Exploding Block Quilt 2014

Unfinished Exploding Block Quilt 2014

Well, I’ve started sewing the squares together for my second Exploding Block Quilt, the first one, above, I finished at the end of last year. I have no photos to show you of my new project yet, so instead, here’s some of a trip to Windsor Castle that I had last July, two weeks before I had breast cancer surgery.

028 032 036 041The first photo unfortunately has an aircraft in as Windsor is in the flight path of Heathrow Airport. And a flag only flies at Windsor when the Queen is in residence.

I’m posting this as I am sitting on my daughter’s comfy bed, not wearing any shoes. What?! I had to make that saying at the start relevant somehow!