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A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.  English Proverb

I promised you an update on my progress with a second Exploding Block Quilt so here are a couple of photos. Because my ‘Sewing Room’ is a small bedroom, my quilt pieces are laid out on the single bed as it’s the largest available surface.

Exploding Block Quilt Exploding Block Quilt 2

The two rows to the right of the photos have been sewn together and I’m pleased with how the quilt is taking shape. However….(why is there always a ‘However’?)…. I think the quilt will be too small, hardly a lap-quilt size, so I’ve been considering a couple of different options. Firstly, to put another cream fabric layer on the blocks so that each one ends up at about 7 inches, or secondly, to double the number of blocks. I’ll tell you which option I’ve decided upon later.

I’ve also been working on a knitted blanket for my oldest daughter. It’s my Winter Project as I like to knit or crochet on winter evenings whilst watching TV.

Knitted Blanket

Is it finished? Err, no. Here’s a photo from a different angle!


The worst part of knitting or crocheting a blanket for me is sewing in all the ends. The blanket will not be completely finished for a couple of weeks yet I fear.

So, for the quilt, I decided to double the number of blocks. More work I know than increasing the size of the existing ones, but I think it will be more colourful that way. I enjoy cutting and sewing these exploding blocks so it won’t be a chore (unlike sewing in the ends of yarn!).