I’ve been very busy but not busy crafting!

As I have taken ill-health retirement from my job, we have sold our house to release some equity to live on. Now we are packing everything. There’s 21 years of memories and 4 bedrooms’ worth of things to sort through. My husband is also a Hoarder so there’s loads of Stuff he stores in the garage!

We plan to move closer to our two children but have not bought anywhere to live just yet, instead we will rent and look around for the right house. A new place to call home. This is a stressful time as anyone who has moved house knows very well and, at our age it will be our last move, so it has to be the right property.


We love our house and it will be sad to leave, but we have to look forward and trust that things will all work out in the end. I doubt I will be posting very often until we are settled but I will have internet access and hope to be looking/commenting on everyone’s blogs as usual.


We will certainly miss beautiful Sussex.