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‘Slow down. Calm down. Don’t worry. Don’t Hurry. Trust the process.’

Alexandra Stoddard

I’ve been busy making half-square triangles with the Black Tie Affair strip sets I  wrote about in my previous post. I cut each strip set into 10 inch squares and sewed them to 10 inch white squares, right sides facing. I then made two diagonal cuts across those squares, magically making four half-square triangles each time.

I’m not clever enough to work that out for myself! I don’t have a brain that works in 3D. I admit that I followed Missouri Star Quilt Company’s instructions here:  Cutting Corners Quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Company

Half-square triangles can be used in any pattern you choose that makes use of the format and I have chosen to make two quilt tops with these designs….


Starburst Quilt Pattern



The Four Seasons Block Quilt

To take the photos I laid each quilt on the floor and stood on a chair. Being vertically challenged, I couldn’t get the whole of each pattern in the photos, but I hope you can get the general idea.

The rows still need sewing together in the Starburst Pattern. The Four Seasons quilt top is ready to go. But it needs a good ironing looking at that photo!

I need to get them both finished soon as it’s time to begin Christmas projects, time just seems to fly by. Have you already started on yours?