“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change” -Jim Rohn


Dare I say that I’ve been thinking my dining chairs are boring??

Not the Ikea chairs themselves, but the seat covers which are just …. so bland!

I decided at the weekend that a change was long overdue. Something had to be done (1) to make the chairs more interesting and (2) to stop them looking less than clean.

I spotted this fabric with a taupe background in a local shop and bought 2 metres, more than enough for six seat covers. It took longer to cut the fabric into the correctly-sized pieces than it did to cover the seats. A couple of hours of work and two pieces of material were left including a long strip, enough to make a narrow table runner when I get the time.

My chairs are now much more appealing, to me anyway. I know they’re just chairs and you only sit on them, but making a simple change can drastically improve how you feel about something, anything.