I haven’t posted for a while but I have been quilting when I get the time. My latest project has been very quick to make, taking only two days of cutting, sewing and hand-finishing. It’s a table runner for my eldest daughter who has a small dining table, about four feet long, so this ‘quilt’ is made up of only 4 squares.

The fabric I used is Quattro by Moda and the pattern is one posted online by The Missouri Star Quilt Company called Kindred Pinwheels. I used 5 inch square pre-cuts in the patterned fabric and used up some white and off-white pieces I already had from previous projects.

But I have a question for you. How much information do you include on your quilt label? I usually include my name and date on a pre-printed label (because that’s all that will fit on) but I suspect I’m in the minority and you Quilters out there like to include more. I would love to know what others do and what you consider to be essential information for your quilt labels. Do you make up labels of your own rather than pre-printed ones?



Pinwheel Table Runner