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‘Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.’

    Ben Carson

Would you believe that I have never inserted a zip until this week? It’s true.

I do not make my own clothes so I have never had to sew a zip into a skirt or dress. When I have made cushion covers in the past, I have chosen to make envelope-backs just to avoid using zips. I have always managed to avoid inserting zips, thinking I might ruin a project if I did it incorrectly.

Whatever was I afraid of? It’s not at all difficult as I learned this week. I have spent a couple of days sewing gifts to give to my family. Like many other quilters, I have a hoard of fat-quarters and left-over fabric from previous projects, taking up space and not ‘doing’ anything, so I decided to finally make use of it and clear some space. Of course, using it up also means that I can now buy more!

After watching a couple of online videos I set-to and made the zippered bags and coin purses that you can see above. Easy projects to make with small amounts of fabric and my ‘zip phobia’ has finally gone.

Want a zip inserted anyone? I’ll be happy to do it!